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Dave Aftandilian
Dave Aftandilian thumbnail
Dave Aftandilian Funky, visionary psychedelic bliss echoing the sounds of the universe forming, mountains climbing to the sky, your kaleidoscopic dreams guiding you to inspiration. Even the darkest shadows would warm to this one.
Bucky thumbnail
Bucky I love the enchanting bass line and euphoric layers of psych. A progressive work of art sure to get better on repeat listens. It’s like Elder meets Brant Bjork in the 12th dimension.
darwin thumbnail
darwin Damn straight Ab
Henrik Thøgersen
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Henrik Thøgersen Enjoyable and enchanting, trance-inducing and time-effacing, slow-burning and soul-soothing, I find myself returning to this again and again for comfort and calm. Simply extraordinary. Favorite track: Firelake.
Abnormal Listening Habits
Abnormal Listening Habits thumbnail
Abnormal Listening Habits Darwin will like this one, he'll think this is some good shit. ☝️ Favorite track: Sierra Tejeda.
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Dear friends! Welcome to "Processive Rock"!

This "Prima Materia" was recorded live together with "Ima今" in one take, in the summer of 2019 at ABnormal Studio.
Mixed and mastered by László Philipp.

Attention! This is a semi-analog recording with true sound-image and low compression. For true experience please play it LOUD!

"In order to understand what a mantra is, it is necessary to adopt the
perspective that considers all things in function of sound and movement.
Everything in the universe is a vibration; this vibration has the living sense
of speaking, of expressing the invisible world. It is movement as sounding
word and revealing Logos. "
EA: On the General Doctrine
of Mantras


released February 4, 2020

All songs written by Lemurian Folk Songs:

Istvan Baumgartner (drums)
Krisztina Benus (vocal, tambourine, keys)
Attila Nemesházi (bass, tambourine)
Bence Ambrus (guitar, soundbowl, lyrics, artwork)


all rights reserved



Lemurian Folk Songs Budapest, Hungary

“Close your eyes and let the mind expand. Let no fear of death or darkness arrest its course. Allow the mind to merge with Mind. Let it flow out upon the great curve of consciousness. Let it soar on the wings of the great bird of duration, up to the very Circle of Eternity.” ― Hermes Trismegistus ... more


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Track Name: Logos

Noises as silence
Zero as one
Flowers as dark woods
The fallen, as rising one

The vibrating big nothing
Is endless, a kind of heavy
Twelve dimensional onepoint system
Here we are: the rising fallen

Where mountains are walley
Sounds are in one key
Which is the tune of everyting
The one werb creating

Noises are silence
Zero is one
All is point
Of the endless none

All reflected
From the top of the sky
To the earth's deep
Where waters lay down

From where trees are
Grow to the sky
From where the heat
Is giving life, growing heart

We are nightbugs
Seekin for light
Around the lamp
Along lifes
We all crawlin
Hiding from bright
Seekin for more
The moment's just starting now
Track Name: Sierra Tejeda
There were no
There were no lights
Not even
A lonely piece of dark

There were no
There were no life
Not even
A lonely chance to die

So we took the train
Then walked twelve hundred miles
Down to the south
Where mount grows high

Sierra Tejeda
Reflelects in the sky
Dwells in love

Where waves meets the desert
And the jungle rules the ravine
Where abyss is under
Siege of the sea

Where clouds are shaped
As you'd like to see
Where pyramids are real
Flowers only yellow and green

So we were walking by the road
Just watching as it changes and goes
Than we found the source
Or however you want to call

Sierra tejeda
Reflects in the mind
Sierra Tejeda
Dwells in the heart

As you wish
We are one to create this
Track Name: Calcination
Down there between walls
Chains and guards
And the silence of whispering dark

From where an experience
Slowly fading in
A story of a a man
Who spoke to much

Who ruled spirits
From earth to the Sky
Who knew the secret
Of eternal time

He only has some change
And an old lamp's light
In this, chemical colours
Hid from the suffering ones

So Listen to a friend
And please dont speak again
Track Name: Golden Laburnum
It was night
The moon came
From behind
The dark clouds

Linen cover
On my head
Golden branch
In my hand

Golden laburnum
In my hand

I went to the place
Where i had to spend the night
I walked int he sand
Lightening crossed the sky

In the vulcanic light
I found the iron altar
I put the branch down
I sait the threatening words than

Earth was quakin
Sky was thundeing

The vulcano screams
Spirits are singing
The branch is burning
I cant see anything

I felt like i flew
Down in a cliff
Into a cave
Far from world’s things

I found a white gown
Some letters on a rock
They signed a way
I had to follow

Three miles black tunnel
Alone, with echoing steps

Than a long way down the stairs
Vibrating lights in my head
Future and past were far somewhere
Only the way, getting harder

Than i got to the hall
Of doors with different colours
A big block in the middle
Cristallic star on it

A picture of a woman and a man
A table between them

I left the place ont he white door
The others were closed
The star showed me the way out
The long way to get home
Track Name: Lantern
The wind s getting stronger
The lantern almost goes out
I see the white stage
And nine stairs direction up

As i step on the last one
I see endless waterplain
At the right hand is a flood
On left side, fallin cold rain

I’m wondering on this
While the star, what leaded me here,
Fall into the drift
I jump in the waves, im following it

I try to reach the cost
What is seems like getting further
I m loosing force
Look on the sky, scream to the lord:

"judge me, set me free
Your eloquence let me live" My dead-tired legs hardly move Im sinking, i m sinking

I see, a huge ship s coming
On the way back to me
A flashy king sits on it
Come with me- he sais- i ll show you how to live

It s better to believe-i say
Than sit between kings
As i say that
The ship dissappears

I feel fresh force
Flow into my veins
I reach the wet sand
By the silver wall

I see boards
With sacred letters
An iron circle, bow and arrow
A black, and a red lion

Who sit on couds
Protects the golden crown
Than turn into void------
I cant see them now
Track Name: Firelake
I’ve seen a firelake
Sulphur and tar were
Sweeped along
By the waves

I was shaking
Some voice said
I have to
Cross the flames

I walked int he flamesea
For long long time
There was a circle-shaped place
Where i arrived

I found myself in a hall
With forty towers of fire around
On the front were glowing bright
The otherside lost int he dark

Int he middle of the hall
A shrine, serpent shaped
Next to this thing, a sword in the ground
And some letters, said to me
I have to hit the snake

As i broke the altar
I ve heard a lots of bells around
Than a hand grabbed my hair
Pulled me up tu the arch

I was sourrounded by hydras and lamias
My sword was glowing
The crowd spread away from it
I was rised up sun was shining

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